Many houseplants come from humid climates and are not used to dry indoor environments. Try to replicate this atmosphere in your home using one or two of the methods below. 


Tray of wet pebbles

Try setting plants on a tray filled with pebbles that is about half full of water. As the water tray evaporates, it will increase the moisture in the air around the plant's leaves and make them happy. 

Misting plants

Increase the humidity by misting the leaves and aerial roots every day or two; this also cleans the leaves.

However, do not mist leaves that are fuzzy or plants with an infection. 

Grouping plants

All plants release water through a process known as "transpiration," just like we do when we exhale. You can create a tropical microclimate by grouping a few plants together, where each of them will benefit from the moisture released by their neighbors. 

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