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Its as simple as that. For all plant enthusiast, The Green Door has the right plants for you.

I've grown to absolutely love plants more than ever over the years, and while my need for green has become an addiction, I wanted the opportunity to share everything that I've learned to my fellow plant families out there. 

Plants make our lives happier and our lives healthier, so I thought, "Lets give people the chance to build their own urban oasis inside their very own space or home." And so came

The Green Door. An online exclusive shopping jungle, The Green Door will give you the tips, tools and confidence you may need in creating that special place in your home into your very own oasis. 

The green gift that keeps on giving

We've got the perfect gifts to make any plant lover smile. Shop our selection of plants, pots and accessories to brighten up anyones day. 

The Beauty of

Air Plants

Tillandsias are fascinating plants that don't need soil and don't make a lot of demands. While all plants are lovely, air plants seem especially full of unique personality. 

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Plant Family

Join Our Plant Family
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What's Wrong With My Plant

If your plant isn't looking its best, look for these easy to spot symptoms. 

Holding Plant

Dealing With Common Pests

They may be small, but they can ruin your precious houseplants.


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