While houseplants don't require high amounts of sunlight, but they do require some sunlight. Most will thrive in a bright room or near a window. 

You should ask yourself, "What kind of light can my plant see?" Think about how the light changes throughout the day and throughout the seasons. You will most likely have to move your plant when the seasons change.

Providing your plant with the amount of light it needs is essential for its long term health. Choosing the perfect spot may take a little time. I myself have moved my plants around numerous times before finding the perfect spot for their long term growth. Whether you live in a bright house with windows on all sides or in a small apartment that receives little on no direct sunlight, there are plenty of plants to choose from that will suit your situation. 


Direct Light - the most intense light for your indoors and will expose plants here directly to the sun's rays. (Works for cacti and succulents.)

Bright Indirect Light - not really direct light, but definitely not medium light. The areas near a window that receive a dash of direct light (no more than a few hours of the day) before being obstructed. (This is my favorite spot for most of my plants.) 

Medium Light - The areas of the room that are half the distance between a window and a back wall. Still gets plenty of bright light, but far away enough not to in direct sunlight. (Works for palms, philodendrons, and calatheas.)


Low Light - Areas that are 7ft or more from windows, or places that have no natural light. Certain plants are adaptable and can live here, but will grow much slower. If your plant starts to look sad, consider moving it to a medium light location. (Works for pothos, snake plant, and birds nest ferns.)


Finding that sweet spot for your new plant sometimes won't be as quick as you might think. If you see yellow or dropping leaves, this may indicate your plant wants more light. Noticing pale and crispy areas on your leaves? This may mean you plant is getting too much light. 

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